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Lexiway® is the result of more than 30 years of teaching experience with people of every age (especially children), of the observation of the most effective learning mechanisms and routines in language acquisition processes.

A natural approach

Lexiway’s effectiveness is based on its structured image system that groups concepts in order to teach vocabulary, phonology, grammar and syntax. The system exploits the same mechanisms by which we learn our mother tongue, without using it as an external reference. In other words, the target language is learned as a function of itself, avoiding any comparisons, translations or  external references. This way, learning is achieved by thinking in the target language. Language internalization is achieved following the natural process of listening-speaking-reading-writing through which the mother tongue is acquired, via didactic units that include 3 lessons each:


Sounds are combined to form words. Just like babies do, we first experiment with sounds until we are capable of recognizing them and produce them; then, we will combine them to create words and we will use these to form phrases and more complex sentences.


The more words we know (and recognize), the easier it will be to understand and be understood. It is easier to get along in any situation knowing a lot of vocabulary and little grammar than the other way around.


Lexiway® teaches how to properly use the new language via practice and examples that help the student deduce the rules that must be applied without naming them explicitly. The student himself will acquire the rules that will help him learn the language and expand his knowledge.

Learn more about our method by visiting our FAQ section.

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