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Lexiway Standard Course

This course is recommended for people who have not had any previous experience with the English language. It is also suitable for English students who want to establish a solid base to develop and secure a good English language proficiency. Lexiway Basic Course® offers a fast and adaptive way to learn English. Backed by our successful methodology, this course teaches essential sounds, vocabulary and structures.

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Express pronunciation course

  • Is your English level high enough to get along but you would like to improve your pronunciation and accent? Do you get the feeling that people doesn’t understand you despite using correct sentences?
  • When you listen to an English speaker,  are there any words that you don’t quite get and therefore don’t understand?
  • With Lexiway’s express pronunciation course you can improve your pronunctiation in just 30 hours:
  • By comparing similar words, you will learn to recognize and distinguish English sounds and to produce them correctly.
  • You will discover the subtle differences between sounds in your language and those of English, which will allow you to acquire a proper English accent.
  • Your oral comprehension proficiency will improve since you can better distinguish the words you listen to.
  • Your interlocutors will understand you better when you speak English.

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Intensive custom course

Lexiway® offers custom courses for our client’s specific needs such as exam preparation, job interviews, conferences or foreign stays.

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More information at info@lexiway.com

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